Pet Portraits

Portraits of your pet make life so much better! When we adopt a pet, we know that most likely we are going to outlive them. And yet we allow them to wrap their souls around our hearts and we fall madly and deeply in love with them. I remember once I was at a yard sale that extended from the yard into the house. While making my way through the house, it became apparent that this was a home of a recently deceased widow. On the walls were photos of her life. Among all the family and vacation photos...was a single portrait of a dog. It was an 8x10 image neatly framed. Even though it was 2002, the photo had been taken decades appeared to be from the 40s or 50s. It's amazing that this little dog held on to this woman's soul even after all these years. But I'm not surprised. I often think about that photo. I wish I would have bought it.

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